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Is sales the lifeblood of your company?  If so, you have found your Search and Recruiting Partner. The Pinnacle Source curates Technology Sales and Sales Leadership Talent every day.  Gain a competitive advantage by collaborating with Colorado’s proven leader in IT/SaaS Sales Recruitment.

Why The Pinnacle Source?

Sales personnel are your most measurable team members.  Research shows average reps produce approx 70% of quota.  Superior reps generate 115% over their goals.  Pinnacle’s average fee is under $20,000.00.  Compare that to the $450,000.00 you will miss out on by settling for average.


* based upon a $1MM quota

The Value In Dollars You Will Receive

The Expertise We Love To Provide

Less is more at Pinnacle. All we do is recruit sales/sales management personnel for Technology firms in Colorado.

• SaaS

• Enterprise Software/Hardware

• Consulting Services

From Oracle Corp in 1989 to Cisco Systems in 1993 to Kronos in 2004 to today’s SaaS clients like Xactly Corp, Samba Safety, Conga and more; Pinnacle has placed approximately 1000 sales and sales management professionals in Colorado.



The Track Record We’ve Amassed

The Knowledge Of The Territory We Bring And The Network Of Candidates We Cherish

Colorado has not always been a Technology hotbed. Yet we have remained committed to servicing the “front-range”.  This dedication yields an unparalleled network of Colorado Talent.


The Process We Live By

The iconic management guru Peter Drucker said long ago – “In sales, more than in any other role, a resume means next to nothing.  Determining real quality takes a face to face interview to net out what’s true and what’s not, who’s going to ask for the order versus who’s going to ask about the order.  It’s the drive, intangible characteristics, and verifiable achievements that makes all the difference.”


Pinnacle has face to face interviewed local sales candidates every week for over 30 years.  Sales’ recruiting is an art.  We believe in a high touch approach to it.


Think all 3rd Party Recruiters are the same?  Think again…

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