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Technology has made access to Candidates easier than ever. So why is the acquisition of the Candidate you really need to hire is harder than ever?

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The easy part: LinkedIn, Email, Inmails, Human capital search engines, culture indexes, etc. Add these all up and you or your internal recruiter have access to all the candidates you need. Agreed.

But then what? (voilà)

Why do so few respond to your recruiting efforts? How do so many other candidates find out about your requirement? How come our process is taking so long? Is it due to our internal recruiters’ lack of experience vetting sales talent? The simple answer is that technology is both a blessing and a curse. Even the best, newest SaaS-based HCM solution will only get your search so far. So what’s missing?

It’s the human touch. Contact made by a savvy Executive Recruiter to a select pool of talent you seek is the answer to the supply and demand equation. It’s the Right Touch.

If you were just looking for an average sales rep or mediocre sales leader you wouldn’t be reading this.

Job Seekers

There are plenty of job search engines, tools and networking groups to supply you with endless job openings and opportunities. Would you rather spend every evening for the next year searching for true, tangible opportunities that aren’t just going to end up as an internal hire? Or would you rather spend your evenings with friends, family and loved ones while an experience recruiting team finds you suitable career opportunities that meet your needs and wants? Click here to get more information on how the Pinnacle Source, Inc can help you land that dream job while saving you time.

Not only do we save you time, we also have built a reputation for recruiting high end staff members, so our clients only get our top candidates. We won’t send them a boat-full of people and hope one of them works out. Our client’s trust us, and so will you.

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