Interviews are tough on both sides of the table. An interviewer is tasked with finding the very best candidate for the position, but how do you know if your interview skills will lead you to that goal?  Here are the 5 most common mistakes I see companies make when they interview candidates.
  1. Hesitation - don't hesitate when you know in your gut that you've found a diamond.  You don't need to see several more candidates just because the ideal candidate happens to be the first one on the schedule.  True "A Players" who happen to be available are so rare that if you have a strong feeling then POUNCE!
  2. Too Many Cooks - don't include more colleagues in the interview than necessary.  Consensus interviewing processes can be a nightmare for candidates and for your employees too.  Do they know their role in the interview process?  Does everyone have the exact same idea of who you need to hire (of course not) or are you allowing them to have a say in a decision that isn't critical to their agenda?
  3. The Final Challenge - if you know the decision maker is a hard-ass, start with that interview rather than finishing with it.  Why put a well-intentioned candidate (or yourself) through 5 interviews if you know the corner office rejects most of the applicants?
  4. Clarity - one of the biggest mistakes I see is companies not having a crystal clear picture of what they're hiring for.  You're almost guaranteed to not find a rockstar if you're not defining what sort of rockstar you're looking for.  How good is your job description?  Is HR writing it or are you?  Get clear and avoid the interviews becoming a "feeling out" process.
  5. Credentials Only - basing your decision solely on keywords or credentials, especially in sales, is not a good idea.  Try to envision how this candidate will work within a team.  Does he/she follow up and show persistence after each interview?  Can you tell how self-motivated and hungry a sales candidate is via a resume?  Things change.  Life happens.  Structure some of your interview questions to tap one’s will to succeed and their intentions to get a better, more well-rounded perspective on your next sales hire.

So there you have it, 5 examples of what not to do if you want to find the best of the best. If you're struggling to find the right candidate, why not use a 3rd party to help? You are an expert at what you do, and I'm an expert at making hiring processes work!

Search consultants that specialize in sales could not make a living if their placements/results did not enable hiring authorities to exceed their (corporate) performance metrics i.e revenues and profits.

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