Sometimes the simplest actions result in the most profound results.  Like “asking for the job” towards the end  of an interview, sending a basic, but well written, follow-up letter to the hiring authority you hope to report to is an easy, but essential step in your process to make that move up on your career path.

The following is a template for any candidate to use directly after an initial interview.  My suggestion is to send it within 12-36 hours after the meeting.  If you wait longer, the impact is lessened.  Also, always include a phone number you can be reached at in your email and/or hand written follow-up note/letter.

Subject:  Thank you for your time


I wanted to make sure you know that I appreciate the interview time you spent with me yesterday and that I am very eager to pursue the employment opportunity at Italco Foods.

Now that I have an understanding of what the sales role requires, I am confident that my skill set and experience are an excellent fit for the open position.  My interest in your firm and working for you increased due to our meeting and I look forward to the next step in your process so that I may continue to build a strong case for my candidacy.

Please let me know when I can expect to hear from you to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Thanks again!


Ilene Reed
Phone #