Distinguishing Qualities of The Pinnacle Source, Inc.

Expertise – The Pinnacle Source is a true specialist!  Many executive recruiters are very capable generalists.  We have always chosen to stick to our knitting.  All we do is to help you to identify, attract/recruit, screen and acquire technology-focused Sales/Sales Management Personnel.  The A Players that are not “looking”, but I can get to if I do not already know them.

Time-Tested Equals Time-Savings for You – Jordan Greenberg's well established network of candidates, combined with his dedication to his craft – search and placement – creates lightening quick results for you.  Put his skills to the test!

Clients Say:

“We were seeking a unique sales leadership talent and were referred to Jordan by a trusted colleague.  Within one week of agreeing to a search assignment contract with his firm, we were provided with five suitable resumes and with his assistance, selected and hired our top choice 12 days later.”   CEO of DTC-based Custom Application Development Software Firm that hired a VP Sales from The Pinnacle Source in August 2012.

Service – We face to face interview and vet every candidate before referring them to you (unless it’s an out of state search) and meet with you at your office before we commence the search.  Jordan provides an old-fashioned, high-touch consulting service that will benefit and educate you regarding every aspect of the search process and delivers unique, hard-to-find, gainfully employed candidates too.

Fees - We customize every fee agreement.  No standard percentages of salary or formulas for our hiring clients.  You talk, Jordan listens!  Then we agree to a mutually beneficial performance-based fee agreement.  We do the heavy-lifting; you get to select the most desirable talent available – Quickly!

So if you want to be represented by THE RECRUITER that has unparalleled RESULTS in your space, the time to act is now.