Are sales recruitment agencies at a disadvantage in Colorado?

We all accept the fact that our local real estate market is most accurately characterized by one theme – low inventory!  In fact, we are told that most of the USA suffers from this same imbalance, putting sellers in an advantageous position over potential buyers.

Is it possible that Colorado’s technology employment marketplace has the same lack of quality supply for would-be employers’?  Most hirers are fooled into thinking that is not the case because of the national unemployment rate, the constant drone of bad news we get from the mass media and - most importantly – the sheer number of resumes “on the street”.

So,  executive search consultants face a challenging task to communicate the difficulty we face in identifying and presenting qualified candidates to our “buyers”.  The net of the situation is that unless you as a prospective employer are willing to “settle” for the best of the unemployed or unhappy, which none of my clients are, then please consider the opinion of a recruiter with more than three decades of experience – in this market!  True “A” players are harder to find and require a more competitive process to acquire than ever.

One of the main reasons we all find ourselves in this demand-driven environment is the prevailing and incredibly persistent move towards outsourcing.  But there are several other key factors that play into this equation.  Let me assist you to overcome the challenge by providing more information and answers that fit your model.

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