Looking for your next opportunity can be challenging, time consuming, and discouraging. The key is not to get discouraged and keep your confidence high, after all you deserve a great company to work for just as much as they deserve you. Send us your resume, so we can include you in our database of candidates.

Here are few tips and suggestions in your search. If you would like specific one-on-one career coaching, ask Jordan for some help!


  • Numbers work! Your quota performance, rank, size of deals, number of deals, earnings, etc. all help in providing hard facts about your performance.
  • Bulletize your numbers. Do not make your accomplishments and achievements hard to find. Put them in simple bullets and put them at the TOP of each job experience.
  • Cut down on style. Keep your document concise and action-packed. Lengthy descriptions of your job responsibilities are space-wasters. Keep in mind the hiring manager is going through many resumes, so keep it simple.
  • Provide scintillating numbers or names of customers that jump off the page in bold, so that your resume will not be overlooked.
  • Always include dates and contact info, including a physical address and mobile number.


  • What’s the most important part of an interview? Eye contact, says career coach Donald Adams. “You need to show that you’re an honest and determined person and a worker of substance,” says Adams. “The easiest way to do this is to look your interviewer in the eyes. Don’t flinch and don’t look away when the questions get difficult. Sell yourself by making eye contact at the start and don’t break it until you turn for the door.”
  • The three most important and underrated aspects of any first face to face interview: Sheen me, Shake me and Show me.
    • Sheen me – Shine in the interview and show the interviewer with your body language that you are a superstar, sit up straight, eye contact, etc.
    • Shake me – Make the interviewer remember you and your accomplishment.
    • Show me – Show the interviewer that you know how to sell by asking them the absolute best question to ask any interviewer.
  • Close the interviewer! Any top sales rep will know what to say and when, and they’ll know what not to say.
  • Do not forget to follow up from your interview! Send a thank you in a timely manner and create the second interview.

The Advantages, That’s Right, Advantages of Being Unemployed

  • Interview Selection – take the time to know which companies and which roles are right for you. Don’t be afraid to use job site portals, career counselors, and use your gut vs. your brain.
  • Interview Preparation – Research your prospective employer like a superstar sales rep. Be prepared with appropriate questions and be prepared with appropriate answers. Believe it or not, it’s easy to know if the opportunity is a strong match for you if you do your research and ask questions.

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