Do you know the past has no power over you?

Do you conduct yourself that way in an interview?  Probably not.  But that’s okay.  We’re all human, and fragile, to an extent.

Discerning hiring authorities look for candidates with “vision” and purpose.  They hire candidates that are moving towards the future.

My clients tell me that applicants that complain about their past – whether it be job history or personal life - are counted out very quickly.

According to The Wharton School of Business the average professional complains approx 3-6 hours per week.  This adds up to over one month per year.  Ouch!

Not only does complaining kill the health creating and saving (hypothalamus) cells in your brain, it increases your blood pressure and destroys positive interpersonal contact.  The podcast “Career Talk” on Sirius/XM’s Wharton School of Business Channel goes on to say… “Hirers smell a bad teammate a mile away”.  I couldn’t agree more.

I love this line and try to live by it…”Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude”.

If you’re excited about an interview bring your best frame of mind to it.  Think about what inspires you and be prepared to share success stories about solutions you’ve sold.  The more concisely you speak, the better.