Don't Forget To Breathe

As phone interviews become the norm, I advise candidates to prioritize a rarely mentioned strategy. Breathe! Stopping to take a deep breath throughout interviews allows for clarity, conciseness and thoughtfulness.

How many times have you had to cut off a candidate’s rambling, misguided response to your question? Enough said.

Applying This To Hiring and Interviews

Let’s apply this wisdom to the hiring side and the entire interview process. As noted author/speaker Lauren Sveen wrote in the Sunday, September 29 th Denver Post “Much like modern-day dating, the hiring process is inherently flawed. On one side, you have a bunch of companies that really want and need good people. On the other side, you have a handful of great candidates who want and need a good job. The goal is to find mutual success, but the search gets inundated with coy hiring games, digitized ‘wing-men’, feigned interest, missed connections or no follow-through”.

How We Got Here

My business is helping you hire exceptional sales/sales management talent. “Our” market is more competitive than ever. It’s also noisier than ever. Noise creates clutter and distracts us from our goal. The curmudgeon in me craves simplicity. The prophet in me has solutions.

Let’s look at how we got here. Start with explosive demand for sales, management, tech personnel from SaaS companies moving to or being funded within the Front Range. Add a healthy dose of millennials clamoring to live and therefore work here. Multiply that mosh pit of buzzing bees trying to mate by the usage of internal recruiters, 3rd parties (like me), ubiquitous technology tools (LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, etc.) go betweens (Brad’s List, really?), and what we have is a mess.

When well-intentioned candidates actually talk with a hiring authority they tend to become overzealous and unnatural. This pattern of self-interest can lead to deception, manipulation of the facts, frustration, more chatter, less harmony.

So how do we get back to the intended results we all set out to achieve… i.e. HIRE THE BEST AVAILABLE TALENT? Find the ideal role ? Here’s a few suggestions.

Overcoming the hiring process frenzy …
  1. Choose a reliable partner, not several, to recruit with you; and collaborate closely.
  2. Be more flexible about negotiable issues like office time vs. virtual , pre-planned vacations, etc.
  3. Stop everything and pounce on the exceptional candidate. Resist the urge to see more candidates for the
    sake of seeing more candidates.
  4. Communicate Simply. Honestly. Quickly. And move on.
  5. Let your intuition guide you. Analyze as thoroughly as your budgeted time allows. Stop. Act with passion!
    Leadership often requires saying NO to those that are not contributing to the goal at hand.

To achieve clarity aligning yourself with long-term personal and career goals requires help. Say yes to a career coach or
counselor. Getting in touch with your inner most aspirations will make short-term decisions much easier .I have received life-changing benefits from:

Your power is within. Find it, express it and thrive!

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