I just heard someone say, "hiring is a venture into the unknown"

How True! And way too many hirers take the easy way out by clinging to what they know. They turn to someone they used to work with or they play golf with or... you`ve all been there.   That strategy may enable you to feel safer in your decisions but has nothing to do with hiring well. Just like your CPA knows numbers, great recruiters know people.   And we’ve learned to size them up in a special way. We know how to evaluate talent by actively listening to what you need first. Then we wade through pools of candidates until we hear what you asked us to find.   Ahaa. The unknown just got a light flashed on it - your requirement. You can find recruitment assistance as readily as you can CPA’s.  But be choosy whom you confide in. Trust is key, and our work is painstaking. So, look for the hard-working SOB, not the flashiest suit in the crowd.   The payoff for the search firm?  Our rewards are much richer than saving companies money. We - executive recruiters - are catalysts for connectedness among employers and employees. And when " it” works, its magic.  Not the sleight of hand kinda magic.  But the synergy between two formerly unknown-to-one-another that takes place over and over again. When a search is done right, that is.