What’s your top priority?

Process or purpose?

Where is it written that the longer a company’s interview process the better the result?  In fact, my empirical evidence over 35 years in the trenches suggests otherwise.  Time-to-market  in our hyper-competitive, supersonic paced I.T. Industry is critical.  So why insist upon screening 5-10 candidates 4 plus times per hire?

The typical answers I hear are:

  1. We need to be extremely careful or
  2. We need to be more thorough than the next guy or
  3. A bad hire is worse than no hire or
  4. We need a group consensus before we feel comfortable, etc etc …

The real answer is – this is the way we’ve always done it and we’re afraid to change.

Recently, however, I can report that not only does the clock keep ticking but people do too. Today a brilliant cadre of SaaS clientele operate without fear.  So much so their hiring practices have altered my metrics as I support their swift execution.  These entrepreneurs` operations are symbolic of how brazen innovators outpace their competition.

After 30+ years of running my search and placement firm www.pinnaclesource.com, I know my average sales cycle to be just about 60 days.  In other words, from the day I receive a search assignment to the day we forecast one of our recruits to start work is two months.  This metric ads rigor and discipline to a service filled with events that are challenging to control.  And it’s been a reliable statistic for decades.

The key to the movers and shakers I am blessed to serve now is their purposeful actions represent their love for their solution, their culture, and their mission! Two local, SaaS companies of this ilk are already receiving “outstanding results” from our new hires, continue to require more resumes and are willing to pay their employees above market standards.  At The Pinnacle Source we pride ourselves on being ridiculously responsive. So, it’s with great joy we celebrate this new crop of leaders in our community.

I hear the term passion and disruption spoken about over and over. Talk or walk? Process or purpose?  Truly fearless companies are now hiring passionately and tossing traditional processes aside … Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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