HR Execs serve valuable roles for the clients I partner with.  They are the “glue” within their cultural walls and are key to cohesive hiring messages, practices and results.

On the other hand, Headhunters hear and feel the angst and “confidential” buzz that leak out of those same offices.  So, what you can learn from an astute executive recruiter is very valuable content.

  1. Conduct exit interviews. It's uncanny how much you can learn from employees on their way out. Why did they leave?  How were they treated?  Who knew?
  2. Check in/monitor the performance of your top performing and lowest performing sales person often. Sales reps love to share and know why and how customers are behaving . Don’t you want to know more about the lifeblood of your company?
  3. Encourage V and C Level Execs to communicate with more empathy. The one consistent complaint I hear from millennials regards a lack of voice – that starts with understanding from above.
  4. Take it one step further. Read Simon Sinek’s Leader’s Eat Last . He depicts the results we can all achieve by subverting egos and empowering troops. The subtitle says it all – “Why some teams pull together and others don’t”.
  5. Stay Focused. Every encounter with a fellow employee should contain this thought. “Do you trust leadership to navigate us successfully?"
  6. Don't fear the open ended question ( i.e.Do you feel as if you are all treated fairly here ? “ )
  7. Be willing to serve as the primary conduit between the rank and file and the C-suite .
  8. RELATIONSHIPS RULE your world, so earn respect without taking sides.

I say out with the old and in with the bold.  And take that from someone that’s, let’s just say, NOT young! The future belongs to those that see around the corner by listening to those that will be there first.

Happy Memorial Day!