As many of you know (or don’t and are curious) I am the ex-wife of Jordan and currently The VP Sales and Marketing at


I have known Jordan for over 30 years and have seen many changes of the CRO (Chief Recruiting Officer) of The Pinnacle Source over the years.


Together we’ve have had an incredible ride.  When Jordan and I first met I had no idea what “search firms” did.  The term “headhunter” to me had negative connotations.  When I heard what it actually was all about, I thought “you steal people from their current employer?”  This just did not resonate with me as a noble profession.


But we fell in love, married and I grew to understand the importance and impact recruiters have on the economy.  In his early days he worked his own desk.  He created a great network and business. We had a comfortable life (albeit the ups and downs of straight commission) and raised our amazing son Lucas.


BUT, Jordan was a “stress bomb”.  He was constantly over analyzing, impatient and cynical.  Sometimes, he was downright rude!


Today Jordan is a changed man.  Perhaps one could call it maturity. The way I see it, through his practice of yoga and meditation his life has changed and thus his business practices have evolved.

Recently we found an article about “Why Buddha would have made a great RECRUITER!”.    Hitesh Bhatia speaks about how he had found his Zen moment in recruiting. That is a great perspective for us as a team to embrace.


I am proud to be part of The Pinnacle Source!  Jordan, Laurel and I are committed to being “present and respectful” for our clients and candidates.  Our intention is treat you all with mindfulness and compassion.  Our tenure can provide you with wisdom to enhance your next career move or the growth of your sales organization.   Headhunters are NOT who we are;  We are your guide, mentor and possibly your Buddha…..


So, happy 63rd birthday to Jordan.  Even though you are a Buddha - you are still a bad ass in the recruiting world.