Employer – I am of course.  I’m the one with the job to offer.

Applicant – Duh, I am.  I have more interviews than I can handle.

Employer – That doesn’t affect me.  I’m only going to hire my ideal candidate.  Besides I’ve always been in control.

Applicant -  Maybe it’s different this time.


Executive Recruiters work in the midst and middle of this psychological “warfare” every day.  We’re paid by you; the client companies we adore, and are passionate about spreading your love.  On the other hand, we, at The Pinnacle Source, have ‘lost” over a dozen placements in the first half of 2018 due to competitive offers from other employers.



It’s not enough to source, recruit and attract a well-qualified, willing candidate in today’s Talent Battle.  Courting, follow-through and embracing that new-hope-to-be Employee is critical.  To avoid surprises my advice to both parties is to communicate with more thoroughness, openness and care.  Value the relationship, not just the job offer.

If you’d like to read an incredible analysis of the evolution of our most intimate human relationships pick up Eli Finkel’s “The All or Nothing Marriage”.  You’ll be fascinated by his research, findings and rays of hope.  For me, his message applies to the workplace as well.

More employees say, “I Quit”!  (Wall Street Journal headline page, July 5, 2018)

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