For the last couple of years we have been sending out email chimps to clients and candidates in our database. These are articles pertaining to our business of recruiting, hiring processes, current state of the market, etc. Of the 929 sent out, 189 are opened, on average from 20%-24%.

My question is what makes you open emails? Does the subject line grab you to read more? Or do you basically go through and delete those you don't have time to read?

Would a article on LinkedIn grab your attention more?

How about a quarterly newsletter delivered the old fashioned way? Would this end up in the trash as well?

In today's world, where we are inundated with media in all forms. When we have less and less time in our day, how does a company get its message out?

Hopefully, you are reading this now and have a few minutes to respond to this perplexing question. Or you are just too busy:).....