I now believe we all have addiction issues.

Just trace yours to what you want to or need to control. Or what you fear most happening to you tomorrow. Or what makes you feel sorry for yourself. For most of us, those issues become manifested through our use and/or abuse of sex or money.

If you can relate, or if you have a loved one struggling with addiction I encourage you to go see 'Don`t Worry, He Can`t Get Too Far on Foot’ starring Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Jack Black and Rooney Mara. It`s based upon the life story of John Callahan and provides more than a glimpse into AA programs, self-awareness, and family drama. Suffice it to say I`m more in touch better with my demons and one step closer to understanding, and therefore resolving my selfish, controlling tendencies after experiencing this brilliant flick. And more appreciative of each breath

Two of my favorite lines come from Jonah Hill.

"The more you say poor me, the closer you are to pouring yourself another drink."

This line reflects the deeply moving, spiritual side of the film…

"Perhaps John, you`ve been weakened in order to grow strong."

He and Phoenix also quote Lao Tzu throughout in perfect harmony for my taste.

Here`s to hoping these fine actors/actresses win acclaim and riches for their work.

Much respect and gratitude from me!


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