“Life shrinks or expands proportional to one’s courage.” (Anais Nin) I think it’s time to become familiar with a term I coined; “interpersonal courage”.  For sales professionals, interpersonal courage, may be the most essential trait you’ve never heard of.

So, what is I.C. (interpersonal courage)?  I.C. is one’s ability to capture her prospect’s/customer’s intentions through active listening, and to respond spontaneously with effective ideas and solutions.  I.C. is presence in motion, through words.

Why is it important?

I.C. (used by a sales professional) enhances the dynamic exchange of energy between her and her counterpart.  Your ability to “move” someone depends upon your level of I.C.  Or as quoted from the instant classic “Green Book” (see my movie review) “It takes courage to change a man’s heart”.

Communicating with I.C. starts with your heart, your feelings, your passion for what you’re selling.  Your message flows naturally from a well spring within you.  Power it up to express yourself.

It kicks in the split second and at the perfect time to articulate your thoughts.  Because you’ve been listening intently to your buyer your interpersonal courage is being fed all the right data.

The more valuable your time, the more critical is it to be aware of the power of your I.C.

If your purpose is to create a deeper understanding of your prospect, I.C. always results in advancing that goal.  Using I.C. does not simply result in sales.

In fact, employing your I.C. transforms you to act as the ultimate servant.   So, if you’re hearing your prospect move away and your heart’s telling you his words are genuine, be of service.  Back off.

But if you’re hearing a need for clarification or a problem you can solve; don’t hesitate.  Express exactly what your heart’s feeling!  For me, when I’m most present/fully aware while communicating my effectiveness soars.  Messages spearheaded by I.C. confirms you and your prospect are on the same wavelength due to its authentic source.

The frequency of one to one voice communications diminishes all the time.  To leverage those intimate events, be present and ready to be interpersonally courageous.

Employers, If you’re hiring sales talent and looking for ways to assess “candidates” less tangible traits like I.C. call or text me here.  I’d enjoy carrying on the conversation. 

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