1. Old-fashioned Customer Service

When I started in the recruiting business we hand carried or snail mailed resumes to clients, sat down and talked to them about each candidate.  That may not be practical today.  But that’s the type of customer service and care that’s instilled in me and we still live by every day.   Your needs are unique!   And our customers have always come first.

2. Unparalleled Industry Expertise

I did not set out to be the longest tenured recruiter in the history of Colorado’s Tech Sales community, but that’s what happened.  1981 was the inception of the digital transformation.  Since then The Pinnacle Source has made a big impact on legacy sales orgs like Cisco and Oracle and more recently on nascent SaaS companies based in Colorado like Xactly Corp., Samba Safety, Nutrislice and Ping Identity to name a few- all this based upon talent acquisition. The process and principles remain the same.  We listen to you then bust our butts to find the right candidates, screen thoroughly with ultra-high standards, facilitate your processes and help you close.

Nothing simple about it, but we’ve got a ton of experience – 1000 plus placements.  Yes, it’s a complex, sometimes painstaking, but repeatable process for us.

3. We’re small, nimble and responsive

We may be grizzled veterans, but we’re keeping up just fine.  I have two awesome full-time employees.  Laurel Dewing to scour LinkedIn profiles and arrange all the details of every interview and Sherri Greenberg that I can hand any recruiting assignment to for maximum results.  Our team will turn around requirements for you faster and more accurately than any search firm in our niche.  We routinely deliver resumes to clients within 2-3 business days from receiving an approved search.

4. Educational Value – Free of Charge

Hard to figure issues like compensation plans, territory breakdowns, org charts, etc. We provide you with current, local-market data.  It’s all part of our “search” relationship and the full service we`re known for.


Yes, we have passion for our work.  Some call it dedication.  Believe me, this business is not for the emotionally fragile.  We accept the role of rejecting approximately 5 out of every 6 candidates we touch and have endured historic economic ups and downs…  But we persevere for one reason.  At this point in my life I realize I have so much to offer companies looking to hire and applicants looking for better careers.  And when one approaches their work with love and purpose, like we do at The Pinnacle Source, it’s amazing what get accomplished.

One last note. I ran into 2 members of my community/my tribe recently, and the client said to me “we enjoyed working with you because your candidates were just a little better than any others we could find.”  The candidate said, “I loved working with you because your clients were always first class.”  That`s our message – high standards and full service. Give us a call to solve your SaaS or IT sales/sales management personnel challenges. AND THANK YOU.