The slowdown?  Chicken or Egg?  The most recent WSJ survey of SMB owners shows a decline in business confidence.  The majority of the SMB SaaS companies I talk to are taking a "wait and see" stance this year.

Coincidence?  What’s the genesis of the fear?   Must we be ruled by the “recession calendar”?  I think not.

What’s an able-bodied recruiter to do? 

Simple. Work harder and smarter.


  • Accept that quality and quantity of companies hiring non-stop has changed.
  • Recruit! What a novel concept.  Do not rely on email, social media, search engines.  Pick up the phone and touch someone new.
  • Be gracious to those companies communicating with you.

And if you’re a job seeker…

  • Expect less receptivity to your resume.
  • Be specific about what you’ve sold, whom to, and HOW WELL. Stand out, know your audience and be prepared through homework, assertiveness and focus.

Why the change? 

2 reasons I see/hear.

  • “Hiring at all costs” is yesterday’s mantra.
  • Most IMPORTANTLY – Great leaders of growth companies have done their research. Analytics reveal the ideal profile to hire.  They won’t hire B.  Custom-tailored “fits” only.

The market is becoming more skittish.  But there is good news to be had!!

Just as fear is contagious, so is hope.  So is confidence.  So is success.  Three of my top clients report record-breaking quarters and soaring momentum.  Sales Stars Persevere.  Culture is king and true leadership shrugs, then chuckles, at fear.

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