I didn`t know whether to laugh or be angry. I had extremely mixed emotions.

The sender, one of the most highly regarded CRO’s in Colorado, went out of his way to return my message so nothing personal and thank you, but….

Savvy Executive Recruiters understand that you have “an internal team”.

“We” are not internal recruiters on purpose. Most of us are highly specialized and proven experts in our field. We have different mindsets, motivations, to do lists and personality characteristics.

i.e. Super successful headhunters are not great team players.  Internal recruiters are.

Search consultants get paid to be sharpshooters. We're skilled listeners that know how, when, where to pounce like no other(s).

We do not wish to spend our day or year recruiting for, and therefore worshipping, one “God”.  

Internal recruiters are awesome at adding cultural glue to your foundation. They're capable of screening a data scientist one hour and a controller the next. They're competent record keepers of all things HR.

Top Internal Recruiters are process genies. Me… not so much.

We thrive on competition. That's why we are the world's best talent scouts! We are the unsung, under-reported movers behind the biggest personnel moves in Corporate America.

Our passion is results. Our daily bread is the thrill of the chase. Our commission checks pay for every monthly mortgage and grocery bill we consume. 97% of our industry gets paid 0 salary.

The great news is both internal and independent headhunters offer exceptional value. For different tasks and personnel requirements, we can and do work together beautifully when the CRO’s, CEO’s, etc. delegate effectively.


Thank you for partnering with me for 37 plus years.