Yes, sales is a “numbers game”!  Oldest cliché in the biz. But it’s not just a numbers game.  Proof abounds.

Ever experience stretches in your career when the numbers did not result in sales success.  Sometimes no sales after all the numbers looked excellent.  Why? How?  Ever wonder?

Numbers alone are not enough.

Sales truth happens by way of both quantity and quality.  For me, quality is more well defined as love; or passion for/connection with what you’re selling and/or to whom.

If you’ve played the numbers game to perfection but hate the people you’re selling to fuhgeddaboudit!  If your messaging contains fear, doubt or disdain for your business solution you will not succeed consistently.

Sales is nothing, more, or less, than an agreed upon (conscious or subconscious) transfer of human energy.

If the intent of my call to you contains greed or manipulation it will be received justly.

If our intention is to be of service and we believe in our product (quality)  all you need is to add work ethic (quantity) and you have the keys to the sales kingdom.

My favorite author/speaker Wayne Dyer could not find a publisher for his first book despite hundreds of attempts.  He did not stop.  He walked into (cold-called) a radio station one night and got on the air in the wee hours of the morning when a host had a last-minute cancellation…  The flame was lit! The rest is history.

Dyer’s message was received, and he became a NY Times best selling author over and over. Because he believed in the purity and goodness of his message so much that success was guaranteed. “I create enthusiasm in potential buyers-not by selling my book, but by loving what I’m saying and selling that love“ he wrote in “I Can See Clearly Now”.

Similarly – In “Shoe Dog” Phil Knight writes “I knew I would not fail because I wasn’t selling sneakers.  I was selling the availability of a new, healthier lifestyle I believed in.”  Knight, the founder of Nike, almost single handedly created the popularity of jogging and the fitness trends related via sales truth.

So how do we find passion from or in our work?

Listen to your self-talk... Honor yourself. Don’t doubt your instincts. Sell what excites you. What turns you on.   Sell something, anything you dream or care about; are somehow truly connected to. If nothing comes to mind; quiet it.  Let your heart take over and your feelings be your guide.  Once the internal connection is found the external success will unfold.

At we “sell” candidates we believe in and recruit for client companies we’re genuinely excited about and connected to.  When our goal is anything other than being of service to both parties' best interests, we fail.

So regardless of how hard we`re trying, how many calls we're making, if our energy is not coming and going to and from the right place, our effort will be muted and results will suffer.  We live in an awakened age. Buyers are innately turned off by commission driven reps and tuned into positive, authentic counterparts. The line between business and social cause has dissipated. Get in touch with your cause, your spirit; not just your paycheck and soar to new heights.


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