We live and breathe the recruitment of Sales personnel. The goal every company imparts upon us is to help them identify and hire STAR power. Every client I've conducted a search for wants me and my awesome team to find them a true difference maker, not just another rep. The challenge is they may be defining stardom/excellence with limitations.

Today a trend is under way to focus not just on candidates' credentials but to include a bevy of “intangible qualities” as necessary hiring criteria.  The results from this more holistic approach to evaluating sales talent has paid off early and often. Hiring authorities and HR managers that have tuned in to the importance of cultural fit, not just resume, reported increased retention rates to me each quarter of 2019.

 Now it's time to take this movement to the next level:

  • Analyze Credentials for practical purposes
  • Add your feel for Intangibles/cultural fit
  • Be open and receptive to candidates with “IT”.


Star-power comes in an infinite number of shapes, sizes, colors, and choices. My advice, don't try to define it. Just be open and receptive to it. Greatness may be in your presence without you being aware of it due to traditional and realistic but stifling ways of discerning applicants’ value to your team.

Self-confident executives know exceptional talent when they are around it. Call it guile, instinct, gut, whatever. Trust THAT.

Measurables will only get you so far. Just ask Julian Edelman.   When asked how he felt about being named the MVP of the Super Bowl last year he`s been quoted as saying “I knew I had it in me since I was a little kid “. Despite being told he was too small, too slow and undraftable by the NFL- he has an indominable spirit and IT.  Star-power for certain.

I love the quote from Colorado Rapids goalie Tim Howard. When asked if he knew he had the potential to be one of the world’s great goalies he said, “all I know was I wanted more!”  Denver Post 9/29/19.  Both superstars believed in themselves without qualification.

So, how were they discovered? The right manager asked the right questions at the right time, and then took a chance on their gut reaction- despite the odds

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