From my vantage point the candidates are in control. How does that impact your hiring process and ultimately your sales org?

Today’s SaaS Sales employment marketplace lacks equilibrium. The job applicants, not the hirers, have the power. Quality candidates have choices and they own them.

Their LinkedIn, email, social accounts reveal abundant demand producing attractive interviews. Now they’re forcing employers to shape up or go without/get left behind.

The lopsidedness manifests itself in many ways. Savvy software sales candidates attract and receive multiple offers and counteroffers. They’re choosing their suitors, driving up comp plans and insisting upon timely, professional onboarding processes.

Recently we had two clients pay the price for failing to “button up” their relationships with soon-to-be employees after offer letters were signed.

You, on the other hand, are busier than ever. So, what’s a well-intentional VP Sales/CEO/CRO to do?

  • Pay close attention to your level of “connectedness” with your chosen new hire.
  • Court him/her until and then after they start
  • Don’t take anything for granted. I’ve been recruiting for four decades, this market is different. Details matter. Because the applicant you covet is comparing you to others – all the time.
  • Delegate everything else to a TRUSTED 3rd If you have a capable in-house recruiting, admin, colleague – GREAT. If not, find a local (to your candidate) search firm (see or HR Consultant (see or onboarding specialist (see
  • “A” players have the power. If you want them on your team treat them accordingly.


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