As we near year end are you challenged by a repeating theme? Sales growth not where you'd like? Sales leadership nowhere in sight?

Is it process? Market conditions? Lack of affordable talent? None of the above is my guess.

Great news is you're not alone.

Better news! Here's a suggestion to remedy.

First, believe you can overcome and be more Sales-driven.

Do not look at Sales as a necessary evil! Soak in the feeling of delegating and expansion. Visualize deals flowing the way YOU want.

Second, stop looking for the perfect resume.

Sales stardom comes in all packages shapes colors ( and btw ) ages.

It’s Talent, not just as in superstardom, awesome, wow look at that resume Talent – no it’s the RIGHT candidate that will set you free.

It’s the Fit.

It’s the Chemistry.

Are seeds of collaboration being sewn in your interactions/interviews?  If so that’s the spark!

Can you ask him/her to expand upon the seeds?

Does that interaction make for more/positive energy?

Do these meetings excite you?

Do you look forward to seeing/talking to him/her again?

Are you eager to introduce her/her to your colleagues?  Now you’ve got something.

Magic in a bottle…Now it`s out… It’s in you and prospects that want to join your team.

Let us help you find them by asking the right questions.

We, together, have the keys to the lock that may be holding you back.