1. What is your Sales Methodology or process?

Be prepared to articulate how you’ve had success prospecting, qualifying and closing. If you’ve been trained talk about it. Focus on whats worked for you!


2. Why'd you leave XYZ Company?

Be overly careful to not “bad-mouth “ your previous employer- for any reason. Accept the past as learning experiences and bring the conversation back to what you hope to achieve by this interview and potential opportunities. Spring Forward. If you’ve had lots of job changes expect to defend your moves without criticizing the employer.


3. Have you checked out the job description?

If not, you're too busy or not focused on their position. Do your homework and know where you excel and where you need to be leveled up. Express desire and drive to make up for any deficiencies.


4. What is it you'd like to tell us about yourself today?

Toughest question in the book. Answer this question with another question. Sure- where would you like me to start? What shall I focus my answer on? Then – do not ramble. Be concise. Let the conversation breathe. If you hear the interviewer cutting you off, slow down. Stop talking. Think respond shut it. Two ears one mouth.


5. Is there anything else we'd need to know about you?

Yes - I'm an overachiever. Yes – I know I can be a success for you. Here's why. You need to blow your own horn. I know I said don’t ramble, so do this horn blowing after writing it down thinking it through before the interview. Then you need to ask them, "have I addressed all /any concerns you may have had?" Whats the next step? Im interested are you? Qualify – like you would a prospect you're hoping to sell your solution to.


6. Have a few questions prepared for them to better educate you about their company, competition, existing sales personnel, company culture, etc