Why? What's out of your control?

The more work you do to manage your responses to external changes, the stronger you'll be and the readier you are for any/ every condition.


For my business it could be argued that everything has changed.

Most of the companies that had given us the opportunity to recruit talent for them are no longer hiring. Change? Yes. Huge difference in the way we approach our day? Let's examine… Our choices and responses come from inside not to be ruled by factors outside of our control.

We can either say, oh my this is so weird and hard and difficult and scary and, etc. Or I choose to say, instead of marketing my services to candidates today, I need to market my value to clients/hirers instead. Different? Kind of, but not really. Because I know the value of our services REGARDLESS. Let's just flip the roster of prospects we're “selling” to and go after it. Why not? 


This is an opportunity to grow!

We're growing new strategies today. And we're exercising new muscles. So look to hear from us. We're marketing a candidate today instead of marketing a client's opportunity. Why not?

Who made the rule that change is to be feared? Not my God. We all possess an internal power to deal with and adjust to new conditions. Maybe this is perfect time to allow yourself to take more control of your habits and thrive? If not now, when?

Your Intent IS Good Enough!

Your new efforts don't have to be perfect. Just find a place within you to relax and make the effort. Get productive and see how that feels. This way you'll grow new ways of obtaining business through creative methods and ideas and actions. Growth and change is a great thing…  If you have the right lens on to view change through.

This mindset or approach applies to every business.

I'm inspired to be writing this after listening to the wisest millennial I know. He manages a software sales org. He went to his boss's boss to let her know he'd be requiring his team to prospect more and that this shift may cause some disruption, perhaps a new skillset. His request was embraced and he activated a game plan to change the way his sales reps viewed their goals.

Why not? Change is constant.

Complacency is for those that accept the status quo. Fear for those left behind. One of my favorite yoga teachers loves to say “ KEEP UP, IN ORDER TO BE KEPT UP” ! So use this time wisely.