Every day I have 2 choices.

I can always do one thing LESS than what I think I need to do. Or, I can do one thing MORE than what I think I need to do. For so many years, I've convinced myself that the latter was the more productive, and therefore better way for me to live. Which is better for you?

Are you good at discerning which of the items on your to do list really need to be accomplished, versus the ones you think you'd like to do? Which do you do first, and why? Do you feel pressure from someone else's expectations regarding your priority list? How do these choices impact how much stress you possess?


I believe the answers to these weighty questions are answered by the lens through which we all look at life.

I've come to accept that ease, not stress, is my natural state of being. And it's very clear to me that when I choose to do one thing LESS than I think I need to do, I’m less stressed.  Now I am able to let go of “the list”.  Most importantly the more at ease I am the healthier.  Because we all know the link between stress and dis-ease or sickness is tangible and supported by all kinds of data.

When I'm less stressed I sleep better, wake up stronger and actually get more done; with LESS.  Choosing this kinder, self-nurturing way of operating is simply an improved way of life for me.


My relationship with time is also impacted greatly by the quality, not just the quantity of how I spend the minutes and hours of each day.

But the two are always interconnected.

In other words, I find when I'm trying to get MORE done each day, I'm compulsive about checking each task off the list. But when I allow and trust myself to know that each and every task is just another item or issue that I only have so much control over anyway, I approach the “work” or my list consciously not compulsively.

So if the options come down to stress-reducing versus stress-inducing, the choice is clear for me. And as I choose self-care, its amazing how much better I feel and how much MORE I get done.


If you'd like to send me your thoughts I'm all ears and eyes.

And if you'd like to delegate ANY of your hiring-related tasks to a local expert, or looking for Career Coaching we're here to lessen your load. Either way, I encourage everyone to be open to new ways of looking at really what needs to be done today or tomorrow or the next and the next. And how that perspective affects your health.