We're still alive! YES. Can you feel it? Do you appreciate it? I sure as hell do.

We live in the most generous, beautiful country on this planet. That's my reality. PPP loans, brilliant scientists, healthcare workers (THANK YOU) and double rainbows over downtown Denver just last night. What else could you ask for?

I know – the news is so depressing and the economy and the virus and the President and the weather and the cat on social media and on and on. I forgot, on purpose, to pay any attention to all of that.

I tell myself a different story. One that consistently makes me feel good. Does that mean all the news I get is good? NO. It means I'm able to move past the issues I used to let bother me and move on to more positive, more beneficial opportunities that are always available. I'm finding great news because I'm receptive and looking for ‘it”.


Here's an example.

I'm a yogi. I received 2 emails within 24 hours last week that could have sent me into a depressed mind-frame. One from the world class yoga/meditation center, Kripalu, announcing they are shutting down for the duration of 2020. The other from a dear friend that owns/operates a local yoga studio, Zenver, that she too is moving on. Sad, for sure. But survivable. Most important, alternatives exist.

I got online, found a live Kundalini yoga, Raj Yoga Boulder, class to attend the next day. I got up early, got in my car and drove up to Boulder and loved every minute of the experience (Including the gorgeous non polluted drive). That's the story I live now, not the one that had me stuck in sorrow and blame and regret a few years ago.


The lesson I've learned is to do and do and do

Do some more productive feeling and adventurous things. Seeking out events and experiences that bring joy into my life replaces dwelling on incidents or conditions I cannot control.

And I'm not alone. I'm surrounded by supportive family members and friends and co-workers that choose to see the good in life. We're all grateful for one another and the simple things in life Covid-19 has reminded us to treasure.

The media barrages us with eye-catching, brain-numbing data and stories. I choose to control my story and not listen to theirs. The world class author /lecturer Robert Holden ( Read “Authentic Success “ if you're looking for inspiration ) put it best- “ My sociology professor introduced me to 3 books revealing the truth regarding America's media messaging. They were titled Bad News, More Bad News and Even More Bad News”. That sums it up.


Are you choosing your story?

As the thoughts and words of your inner voice become patterns, beliefs are formed, and actions/behaviors follow. Are you choosing your story? Or does your story have control over you? Regardless of what you're telling yourself, you are listening. As Deepak Chopra puts it “there is no getting around turning bad things into good things is up to you”.

Does it matter if my story points me towards a “road less traveled”? Or is all that matters is I am its author and compass maker. I own my story with passion so fierce that others “reality” shines little light. We all have a strength that comes from Knowing! Or as iconic comedian Jim Carey said in his 2014 commencement speech at Maharishi International University “RISK BEING SEEN IN ALL OF YOUR GLORY”.

Have faith in your story leading you to receptivity of grand possibilities. Some call this “the place of least resistance”.  Here bad news comes; and goes.

At pinnaclesource.com we've survived and thrived the last few months and we're here to share our hard-earned expertise with candidates or clients looking for guidance or assistance.


This message is dedicated to Laurel Dewing, Sherri Greenberg and Fran Garzelloni (MY TEAM- YAY) for their diligent efforts, uplifting attitude and generosity throughout the first 5 months of 2020.



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