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Fee Plans

  • Contingency Fee Plan

    More than 80% of the fees we have earned have been based upon this contingency fee plan – proof that Pinnacle is the

    performance-based recruitment services firm for sales and sales management talent.


    This plan requires a payment of 25% of the first year’s annual base salary offered to a candidate that we refer to you when you hire him/her.


    The entire fee is due within 20 days of the new employee start date.


    For repeat customers, we offer a loyalty rate of 20% of base salary.


    As with all plans, our commitment to the best hire and best fit comes with a 90 day guarantee policy.


    If you are interested in our 180 day guarantee, see Engagement Fee Plan


    If you decide to terminate our placed candidate for any reason (other than layoff) and/or our candidate leaves you willfully, we will replace him/her with alternative qualified candidates, per your specifications, free of charge.

  • Engagement Fee Plan

    This unique, customized fee agreement works for any employer, and any budget, ready to commit to a dedicated search assignment. Based upon your unique search assignments. The hiring authority and Jordan will determine a one-time, flat fee prior to the search beginning.


    • No surprises
    • No sliding scales
    • Not based upon percentage of salary


    This Engagement Fee plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what the fee budget is and that The Pinnacle Source will not exceed it.


    The fee will be mutually agreed upon via a conversation consisting of your requirements, profile specifications, compensation plan range, etc. and our service capabilities relevant to the search. Once the total one-time fee is established, we require a 10% non refundable deposit to commence the search and will begin the recruiting process. The remaining 90% is not due until you select and hire one of the candidates we recruit and refer to you.


    The Engagement Fee is our most popular plan because you know what to expect and we know you are committed to conducting an extensive professional search.


    We are committed to providing you with the best talent and best fit for your firm, so we offer our employer clients of this plan an unconditional 180-day guarantee policy.


    If you decide to terminate our placed candidate for any reason (other than layoff) and/or our candidate leaves you willfully, we will replace him/her with alternative qualified candidates, per your specifications, free of charge.


  • Concierge Service Plan

    The pricing for our custom, concierge-personnel services needs to be discussed.


    Services Available


    Management of up to 100 resumes per month

    • Review every resume for potential fit at at your company.
    • Correspond with every candidate via email or phone regarding the disposition/status of candidacy.
    • Pinpoint candidates eligible for any opening/requirement within your company.
    • Provide comprehensive placement services for desirable candidates and your company's interview process.


    Search and placement services for any Sales, Sales Management, Director or VP level assignments

    • Serve as your go to partner for full-cycle search services.
    • Provide your company with top-priority status and allocate time every day to work any/all current assignments.


    Orchestration of a monthly or quarterly strategy meeting

    • Location of your choosing.
    • Invite up to (4) four members of your executive team.
    • Agenda to include, but not limited to:
      • Sales/sales management personnel.
      • Sales/sales management revenue challenges.
      • Review of hiring processes.
      • Corporate culture development.
      • Confidential V/C- Level strategic goals and plans.


    Placement after care

    • Conduct follow up meeting with hiring authority and placed candidate on each/every placement made to ensure fit and/or address challenges.
    • Serve as mediator for challenges (above) and/or replace candidates.
    • Conduct separate process evaluation meeting with hiring authority on each/every assignment
    • Create on-boarding/orientation strategy with outsourced partner.


    Serve as your ultimate resource for personnel requirements outside our domain expertise

    • Screen, refer, and negotiate with appropriate third party search firms, IT Staffing Firms or related outsourced partners.
    • Screen/hire internal recruiters, HR Manager; as needed.


    Once you determine which of the services you’d like to include, we will create a mutually agreed upon pricing strategy.



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