“Before I found The Pinnacle Source we were utilizing another Denver-based search firm.  The other recruiter was okay, but Jordan and his team had three extremely qualified sales candidates in front of us within one week of providing him with my requirements.  We’ve gone on to hire two of them and are extremely happy with Pinnacle’s efforts”


 - Conrad Hofmeyr, CEO, JourneyApps

“I work with a lot of 3 rd party recruiters, but

Pinnacle provided me and my hiring managers with four hard-to- find sales candidates in a shorter amount of time than

any “agency” I’ve worked with.”


 - Anonymous Client

“Once Jordan and his team knew what I was looking for I phone screened 5 or 6 of Pinnacle’s sales candidates.  I really liked most of them, flew to Denver and they arranged for me to efficiently meet the top four.  I left a day later believing all four candidates could do the job.  I’ve since hired one and am very happy with her and the job Pinnacle did for us!”


 - Anonymous Client

“Love the passion JG and the yoda like wisdom.”


 - Lou Salfi, VP Revenue, Cloud Elements

“I have worked with Jordan as both a candidate and in a hiring capacity.  As a former recruiter myself, I have a lot of respect for the rare recruiters who actually try to steer you in the right direction as a candidate and take an honest approach.  As a hiring manager, Jordan always takes into account our company culture and values finding candidates we will have chemistry with.  I will continue to work with Jordan through my career as both a candidate and a hiring manager.”



 - Evelyn Kirby, VP Business Development, Ascent360

“Jordan Greenberg is well respected in the professional network here in Denver, CO.  He always takes the time to listen to his client’s needs to deliver highly qualified candidates.  I’ve appreciated Jordan’s efforts in continually sending candidates our way to meet the demands of our business.   We look forward to hiring more A-Players from Jordan this year.”


- Mark Burge, Sales Director, SambaSafety

“Pinnacle has been instrumental in helping us grow our business in the CO market by providing us with accomplished account managers with a track record of serving their clients and creating mutually beneficial business relationships.  Jordan goes above and beyond to take the time to understand our business and our culture so he can match talent, personalities, and nuances beyond the job description to find great cultural fits.”


- Mathew Shuster, Regional Vice President, Kovarus, Inc.

”Jordan has been my go-to recruiting partner in Colorado for over 15 years, consistently sourcing the most talented software sales executives with a buttoned-up process and high integrity. “


 - Richard Scheig, SVP Sales BombBomb

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