A thorough search process requires precise research, planning and collaboration.

What We Love Doing For You

So once you delegate an assignment to us...


the time spent identifying and screening talent, facilitating interviews, preparing candidates, obtaining candidate feedback, re-arranging interviews, checking references, receiving pertinent/confidential compensation data, avoiding counteroffers and… finally closing your #1 selection on your offer  all that time  becomes yours again.


Then you have an ideal new employee and a guarantee from Pinnacle.

A Search Firm that truly offers more


Because of our 30 plus years of industry and role-specific expertise...


we thrive on consulting with you regarding real-time market trends, compensation issues, territory configurations, the psychology of the candidate marketplace and more.


Keep in mind, The Pinnacle Source employs a full time, Director Level Research Manager whose sole focus is our hiring authority’s specific requirements.  Our updated ATS/Resume database contains approximately 5000 Colorado based IT Sales and Sales Management current resumes.


You will have an unparalleled 3rd party recruiting experience from The Pinnacle Source


Call Jordan now for a complimentary consult for your open requirement.


"Jordan has been my go-to recruiting partner in Colorado for over 15 years, consistently sourcing the most talented software sales executives with a buttoned-up process and high integrity."


- Richard Scheig

  SVP Sales | BombBomb


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